Ashantee Medal 1873-74

2564 Pte J Maloney 2 Bn 23 R.W. Fus

2564 Pte J Maloney
2 Bn 23 R.W. Fus

The catalyst for this war was the transfer of the port of Elmina from the Dutch to the British on 2nd April 1872 as the British stopped payments to the Ashanti King for its use. In January 1873, an Ashanti army crossed the Pra River and attacked the British Gold Coast Protectorate.

The Bar Coomassie was granted to all present at the battle of Amoaful, 31st January 1874 and for actions between there and Coomassie including capture of the capital 4th Feb 1874. Approx 2031 medals were issued with Coomassie Bar.


Ashantee Medal Coomassie Rev


Third Anglo-Ashanti War

The Third Anglo-Ashanti War lasted from 1873 to 1874. In 1869, a German missionary family and a Swiss missionary had been taken to Kumasi. They were hospitably treated, but a ransom was required for them. In 1871, Britain purchased the Dutch Gold Coast from the Dutch, including Elmina which was claimed by the Ashanti. The Ashanti invaded the new British protectorate.

General Garnet Wolseley with 2,500 British troops and several thousand West Indian and African troops (including some Fante) was sent against the Ashanti, and subsequently became a household name in Britain. The war was covered by war correspondents, including Henry Morton Stanley and G. A. Henty. Military and medical instructions were printed for the troops. The British government refused appeals to interfere with British armaments manufacturers who sold to both sides.

Bush Fight - Anglo Ashanti War

Bush Fight – Anglo Ashanti War

Wolseley went to the Gold Coast in 1873 and made his plans before the arrival of his troops in January 1874. He fought the Battle of Amoaful on January 31 of that year, and, after five days’ fighting, ended with the Battle of Ordashu.

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