Cape of Good Hope General Service Medal 1880-97

Gunr E.P.V. Dodwall P.A.O.V. Art

Gunr E.P.V. Dodwall
P.A.O.V. Art –  Transkei

Awarded for services in suppressing small scale opposition in Transkei, Basutoland and Bechuanaland.

Transkei – 13 Sept 1880 – 15 May 1881 awarded for operations in Tembuland and Griqualand East where native populations were particularly hostile to settlers in the districts of Tsolo, Maclear, Matatiele and Qumbu.

Cpl A.E.P. Langley  C.M. Yeo

Cpl A.E.P. Langley
C.M. Yeo -Basutoland

Basutoland  13 Sept 1880 – 27 April 1881 – Following the end of the Zulu wars 1877-79, the African population was ordered to hand in their fire arms, whilst some complied, no sooner had they done so, they were attacked by certain chiefs such as Lerothodi and Moletsane. In Sept 1880, they also attacked white administrators and as a result troops were mobilised. Various encounters ensued and in Feb 1881 an armistice was arranged and eventually peace was concluded in May 1881. Chief Masupha did not surrender and troubles continued up to 1884 at which point Basutoland became a Crown Colony.

The Cape Colony 1878

The Cape Colony 1878

Pte E. W. Lucas Cape Town Highlanders

Pte E. W. Lucas
Cape Town Highlanders – Bechuanaland

Bechuanaland 24 Dec 1896 – 30 July 1897 – In April 1896 a severe outbreak of cattle disease occurred which meant all cattle in the area needed to be slaughtered. This caused a resentment in the local population who as a result, rose up in protest. A number of engagements occurred and following a build up of more reinforcements in July 1897 the conflict ended after a final action at Langberg 30th July / 1st August in which most of the native leaders were either killed or surrendered.

Cape Town Highlanders

Descendants of Scottish immigrants to South Africa raised the Cape Town Highlanders in 1885. On 24 April of the same year, their services were accepted – since then, this date has always been celebrated as the regiment’s official birthday.

The regiment first saw active duty during the Bechuanaland Campaign that was fought in the Northern Cape in 1896.

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