Military General Service Medal 1793-1814

R Walters 3rd Ft Gds

R Walters
3rd Ft Gds – Fuentes D’Onor, Nivelle, Vittoria, Nive

Authorised on 1st June 1847 and issued in 1848, 34 years after the last battle it commemorates. 29 different bars which include actions in Egypt, the East Indies, the Caribbean, the Peninsular War and the United States of America.

Fuentes D’Onor – 5th May 1811 – After the withdrawal of the French from the Lisbon area, spring 1811, Wellington prepared to invade Spain on 2 fronts.The French Army under Marshal Andre Massena moved out from its base at Ciudad Rodrigo to relieve the French Garrison and attacked Fuentes De Onoro where Wellington had taken up a strong position. At daylight on 5th May, 2 columns of the french and all their cavalry advanced on the village of Povo Velho and throughout the day directed action against the villages of Fuentes de Onoro but were never able to gain more than temporary posssession. Every house in the lower toown was taken and retaken in the course of the day and one by one abandoned as the entrances were choked up with the dead. At daylight on 6th the whole French Army was on the move and in full retreat for Ciudad Rodrigo. British losses were over 1500 killed, wounded or missing and French over 3000 losses.

Nivelle – 10th November 1813 – After the fall of St Sebastian, it was necessary to reorganise and more than a month elapsed before hostile operations resumed. On 7th October 1813, the invasion of France now commenced and Marshal Soult was to be driven from his positions along the Nivelle River. By daybreak on 10th November the allied army had taken up its position to attack the fortified works along the Nivelle and on a signal of 3 guns, the general attack was made. During the night, Marshal Soult and the French Army withdrew and fell back into south-west France.

The loss to the French was about 3000 killed and wounded, 1400 prisoners along with 51 captured guns. the loss to the British was just over 300 killed and 2280 wounded.

Vittoria 21st June 1813 – on 21st June 1813, near the City of Vittoria in the province of Alava, the French Army, commanded by Joseph Bonaparte, who had fled Madrid and assisted by Marshal Jourdan fought the allied forces who were of about equal strength. The French were heavily defeated with 8000 killed or wounded and allied losses amounting to 4852 killed / wounded. Following this victory, Wellington was appointed Field Marshal.

Nive – 9th-13th December 1813 – Marshal Soult, after his defeat on the Nivelle, retired during the night of 11th November into his entrenched camp in front of Bayonne where he was forced to defend his line of defence along the River Nive.

On the morning of 10th December, the main body of the French Army of over 35000 men attacked the allied army. The action continued throughout the day with various results and great slaughter. On the 13th Soult moved out of his entrenchments and a severe engagement followed. Eventually the French were driven from their position and withdrew to Bayonne. French losses were approx 6000 to allied losses of approx 4500.


MGSM 4 Clasp Fuentes Rev

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