Punjab Medal 1848 – 49

3142 John Varney 32nd Regt

3142 John Varney
32nd Regt Mooltan / Goojerat

Second Sikh War

The defeats of the earlier war 1845-46 left an uneasy peace in the Punjab and many Sikh leaders sought to renew the conflict. On 20th April 1848 2 British Residents in Mooltan were murdered by soldiers of the Governor, Mulraj Singh and a rebellion broke out. General W.S. Whish eventually re-established the siege of Mooltan and after receiving reinforcements took the city on 3rd January 1849, The citadel was the last refuge of Mulraj who surrendered on 22nd January, ending hostilities in the area.

The rebellion by then had already spread to the north-west and on 13th January Lord Gough reached the village of Chilianwala to confront the main Sikh army of Shere Singh amounting to 30,000 men with 62 Guns. Gough commanded 12,000 Anglo-Indian tropps with 66 Guns. The eventual battle was costly for both sides with over 8000 Sikh casuatlies and 2357 Anglo-Indian forces. With victory and Chilianwala, the final battle followed at Gujerat on 21st February where Shere Singh’s army numbered 60,000 with Gough’s forces at 24,000. A destructive two and half hour British artillery bombardment shook up the Sikh forces  and with Gough’s men in pursuit, the Sikhs fled in disorder. Shere Singh eventually surrendered at Rawalpindi on 14th March   and the war came to an end.

Mooltan – Siege of, 7th September 1848 – 22nd January 1849 2900 Bars to European troops

Goojerat – 21st February 1849 – 6200 Bars to Europeans

C. Stewart 2nd  Eur Regt

C. Stewart
2nd Eur Regt Chilianwala / Goojerat

Chilianwala – 13th January 1849 – 4300 Bars to Europeans

Chilianwallah 1849

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