Queen’s Sudan Medal and Khedive’s Sudan Medal 1896-1908

Egyptian Army Issue

Egyptian Army Issue

Queens Sudan Medal – Authorised March 1899 and granted to British, Indian and Egyptian forces and native allies in the reconquest of Sudan.

Reconquest of Sudan

Several factors led Prime Minister Lord Salisbury to send an expedition to reconquer Sudan. He could see the need to secure the upper reaches of the Nile against French and possibly Italian encroachment. Additionally there was pressure to take revenge for the humiliation suffered by the failure to relieve General Gordon 1884-85. Sir herbert (Later Lord) Kitchener who had reorganised the Egyptian Army set up the Nile supported by a river gunboat flotilla in command of the reconquest.

Queens Sudan Medal Rev

Unnamed as issued

Unnamed as issued

Khedive’s Sudan medal 1896-1908 – Authorised 12th February 1897 to commemorate the military operations in connection with the reconquest of the Dongola Province.

15 Attributable Bars to this medal

The first 6 bars related to the reconquest of Sudan namely, Firket, Hafir, Sudan 1897, Abu Hamed, The Atbara and Khartoum.

Nyam Nyam – January 1905  – Awarded for the suppression of problems caused by the Nyam Nyam tribe in the Bahr el Ghazal province on the Belgian Congo border. A force under Boulnois Bey, composed of 18 British and 30 native officers and about 700 men with 5 machine-guns was sent to restore order, January 1905 and withdrew in May.

Unnamed as issued

Unnamed as issued

No Bar Medals – Awarded to those who served south of Sarras 30th March – 23rd September 1896 or in the force of Brigadier General Egerton’s force at Suakin between the same dates received Silver medals with out Bars. Non Combatants were entitled to bronze medals (Civilian syces, civilian servants of officers and official followers of Indian troops at Suakin).

Unnamed as issued

Unnamed as issued

Khartoum – 2nd September 1898 – This bar was awarded for the battle of Omdurman.

Unnamed as issued

Unnamed as issued

Hafir – 19th – 26th September 1896 – After the battle of Firket, the advance continued and reached Kerma 19th September, Merowe 26th September and Dongola 15th October 1896. Hafir is on the west bank of the Nile opposite Kerma and it is here that the battle was fought, The bar was awarded to those who had taken part in operations south of Fareig between the above dates.

Egyptian Army Issue

Egyptian Army Issue

Firket – 7th June 1896 – The first phase of the reconquest of the Sudan was the occupation of Dongola. On 2nd June 1896, HQ was established at Akasha from which the advance continued on 5th June towards Firket where the Emir Osman Azraq was defeated on 7th June 1896.

Egyptian Army Issue - 9th Sudan Infy

Egyptian Army Issue –
9th Sudan Infy

Sudan 1897 – 15th July – 6th November 1897 – This bar was not awarded for any particular action but was given to those who had already received the medal and were south of Kerma and south of 6 Station between these dates.

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